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Game-Changing NEWS: FTMO and best Top Prop Firms Eliminate Time Limit for Traders!

From now on, all new FTMO Challenges and Verifications have an unlimited Trading Period, the 30-day and 60-day periods are gone. This has been a heavily requested change and therefore, we are sure that your clients will be eager to hear about it.

Moreover, the release of this exciting news is accompanied by a one-off 10% discount on all FTMO Challenges, which is only valid for 36 hours!

MyForexFunds = MFF did the same, BUT including old Accounts!


In a groundbreaking move that has sent ripples through the financial industry, FTMO, alongside other renowned prop trading firms MFF (MyForexFunds) and TFF (True Forex Funds), has announced a revolutionary shift in their trading rules. Traders are now celebrating as these best-in-class prop firms have collectively abolished the time limit previously imposed on their trading challenges. This momentous decision marks a significant turning point for aspiring traders and established professionals alike, unlocking unprecedented opportunities in the world of proprietary trading.


Traders Rejoice as FTMO, MFF, and TFF Change the Game:

Amid the fast-paced world of financial markets, proprietary trading firms like FTMO, MFF, and TFF have earned a reputation for nurturing and rewarding talented traders. Until now, a considerable obstacle faced by those vying for a spot within these prestigious firms was the time limit imposed on their trading challenges. However, in a move designed to foster growth and development, these prop giants have chosen to eliminate this time constraint, paving the way for traders to showcase their skills without the pressure of strict deadlines.

A Paradigm Shift in Proprietary Trading:

The decision to remove time limits on trading challenges represents a paradigm shift in the way prop firms evaluate potential candidates. By doing away with this time constraint, FTMO, MFF, and TFF are signaling their commitment to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for traders to thrive. Aspiring traders can now participate in these challenges at their own pace, allowing them to demonstrate their abilities and strategies without unnecessary pressure.

Empowering Traders and Unleashing Creativity:

Traders worldwide are hailing this move as a game-changer. With the time limit constraint lifted, individuals can now immerse themselves fully in their trading strategies, conduct in-depth analysis, and devise innovative approaches to capitalize on market opportunities. The newfound freedom empowers traders to explore various trading styles and instruments, fostering a culture of creativity and open-mindedness within the trading community.

A Positive Impact on Trader Development:

FTMO, MFF, and TFF have consistently emphasized the importance of nurturing talent and supporting traders on their journey to success. By removing the time limit, these firms demonstrate their unwavering commitment to trader development. Traders can now take the necessary time to learn from their experiences, refine their strategies, and improve their performance without feeling rushed or constrained.

Traders are advised to focus on honing their skills and trading techniques, seeking guidance from mentors, and engaging in continuous learning to capitalize on the new opportunities presented by the rule changes. The door to becoming a successful trader within these esteemed prop firms is now more accessible than ever before.


The latest announcement by FTMO, MFF, and TFF to eliminate the time limit on their trading challenges has sent shockwaves throughout the financial industry. This landmark decision marks a turning point in proprietary trading, signaling a more inclusive and supportive environment for traders to showcase their skills and potential. As traders seize this unprecedented opportunity, the stage is set for a new era of innovation, growth, and success within the world of proprietary trading.

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